TITAN Hoarding Systems is the lightest & most capable Engineer Certified Hoarding System available. 

By using TITAN Hoarding Systems, Builders, Shopfitters, Retailers, the Public and/or other existing/aspiring hoarding companies can build or have built Engineer Certified internal or external Hoardings.

TITAN has a large number of distributors and installers located around the country who dry hire TITAN components with short or long term rates available. Alternatively, they can provide a full supply, install and remove option. Whatever your preference we have your hoarding rental needs covered.

Why Hire TITAN Hoarding

Save money and space

It's simple

It’s the best hoarding system
on the market

Control your costs

Available Nationwide

Get your job done
without any hassles

Save time

Reduce your environmental footprint

Tax benefits

TITAN Engineer Certified Public Protection®