Capabilities & Specifications

TITAN, the most advanced hoarding system available, Structural Engineer AS 4687 designed, tested & certified.

  • TITAN Engineer Certified Specifications and Capability
  1.   Free stands up to 7.2 metres high for internal installations
  2.   Free stands up to 3.6 metres high for external installations
  3.   70 x 45 MGP10 only, readily available from most hardwares
  4.   ZERO floor or ceiling connection, TITAN 100% free standing  
  5.   5*12Kg approx. Counterweights support a 3.0m high internal hoarding 
  6.   One system, multiple configurations; all supported by Manuals 
  7.   Multipurpose Counterweights for Hoarding & Temporary fencing
  8.   Easiest and Safest installation of any hoarding system
  9.   Engineer supervised, impact tested to both internal & external surfaces
  10.   ZERO need for Supports or Cross beams 
  11.   ZERO need to Supports Cross Beams for Engineering Certification 
  12.   Certified for 12mm MDF, 15mm Ply, 16mm Laminate & 50mm EPS (cold room panel)
      Other thickness available 

AS 4687 Conformance and Engineer Certification to the following: 

  1.   Clause 4.3 Impact Loading
  2.   Clause 4.5 Wind Loading up to 72+ m/s, height & site specific "Sheltering & Topography" to be considered. 
  3.   Clause 4.2 Overturning and Climbing
  4.   AS 1720.1-2010 Timber Structures Design Methods
  5.   AS 1664.1-1997 Aluminium Structures - Limit State Design
  6.   AS 1170.1-2002 Balustrade Crowd Loading (specific to the TITAN void barrier)
TITAN offers Structural Engineer AS 4687 Certification, Cm3 and BROWZ OHS Certified systems and AS 4801 Compliant Processes.
  • Safety | Quality | Compliance - TITAN ACCESS™ SQC
     TITAN has developed a vault of OHS, QA & Certification Documentation called TITAN ACCESS™
     The TITAN ACCESS™ SQC is available to all TITAN Clients
    • Safety
      • Hoarding specific SWMS and JRSA
      • AS 4801 compliant, BROWZ and Cm3 Certified Systems, Methodologies and Processes
      • Construction physical GMR 72 logistics
      • Manual handling Methodologies and Processes
    • Quality
      • TITAN makes it easy to achieve a consistent finish
      • Simple and easy to follow YouTube and written Methodologies and Procedures
    • Compliance
      • Detail Processes are provided ensure Structural Engineering compliance
  • Entry Door and Locking Systems
    TITAN Door options and solutions
    • Doors
      • Swing Doors
      • Sliding doors
      • Standard Door size 2340 x 820mm
      • Door Sizes vary, custom solutions are available on request
    • Locking systems
      • Pad-bolt or;
      • Keyed options:
        • Flush set Keyed Lock
        • Individually Keyed locks or a,
        • Master key system
    • Kiosk - Work Zone Hoarding
      • Pad-bolt or;
      • TITAN's slide bolt system
  • Hoarding Types and Configurations

    TITAN Hoarding Systems are Structural Engineer Certified to the following:

    • Internal Hoarding
    • External Hoarding
    • Kiosk and Work Zone Isolation
    • Zero Trip Temporary Fencing
    • Construction portal - Internal & External
    • Dust encapsulation
    • Escalator guard 
    • Crowd Rated Balustrade replacement
    • Internal tenancy
    • Temporary digital media wall displays
    • Digital media wall
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