TITAN, a nationwide supplier of engineer certified hoarding systems and components is for the first time offering TITAN components for sale across Australia.

TITAN holds several Patents and is backed by years of design, development, engineering, rigorous testing and thousands of installations to meet all Retail and Commercial hoarding requirements.

At TITAN we are particularly proud of our safety record. Our Hoarding Systems and Components have an outstanding safety track record, keeping your customers and the public safe with surrounding businesses open and trading as usual.

The TITAN offer is very simple.  With TITAN components you can build a free standing internal hoarding up to 7.2 metres high while using standard 70 x 45 MGP10. You can also build a Wind Rated Hoarding, a Crowd Rated Barrier or a Construction Portal, to name only a few of the TITAN Engineer Certified configurations. If you have a hoarding requirement, we have a configuration to fit!

Buy vs Hire

Owning a quantity of TITAN Components makes commercial sense. Reduce ongoing project cost  and be confident that during peak demand; TITAN will have you covered with additional component hire short or long term should they be needed. By investing in your very own TITAN Hoarding System you can:

  1. Increase company assets
  2. Create a company tax deduction 
  3. Control scheduling and project / jobs costs 
  4. Have an Engineer Certified Hoarding System on hand as needed

TITAN Components are now available Nationwide through distributors in QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC, SA and WA.

10 Year Warranty

All TITAN Structural Components are covered by a 10 Year Full Replacement Warranty for any structural component that breaks as a result of a manufacturing defect, it will replaced, with a replacement component directly to you at no cost. (T&C apply.)


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Extended Working Life

TITAN structural components harness the most advanced materials, manufacturing methods and modular structural engineering techniques to extend the working life of each component so it continues to generate a return.


Builders, Shopfitters, Retailers, the public and or other existing / aspiring Hoarding companies can build or have built an Engineer Certified internal or external Hoarding. 

A few of TITAN's primary features are: 

  1. ZERO need for Supports or Cross beams
  2. ZERO need for Supports Cross Beams for Engineering Certification 
  3. ZERO need for connection to floor or ceiling finishes, TITAN is 100% free standing  
  4. 70 x 45 MGP10 only, readily available from your local timber supplier, e.g. Bunnings
  5. One system, multiple configurations; all supported by Manuals 
  6. Easiest and Safest installation of any hoarding system
  7. Certified for 12mm MDF, 15mm Ply, 16mm Laminate & 50mm EPS (cold room panel)
    Other panel thickness are available

TITAN is the lightest & most advanced Engineer Certified system available.

Value Offer

TITAN is more than systems and structural components, years of development have provided instruction manuals and YouTube clips and an extensive network of TITAN trained Installers and Distributors that can provide support and advice. 

TITAN has zero doubt the Structural Components on offer for sale will continue to support your company and your Hoarding installations, and that is why we proudly offer a 10 year full replacement warranty.

How do I Buy TITAN Hoarding Systems?

To get your hands on your very own TITAN Hoarding System, request more information here and we will send you the details.

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MODIFYING IS A BREEZE: Lift a few weights off, modify and replace weights.