Great product that is fast and easy to use. Simple installation and move-ability and will definitely use the product again in the future.

Adam Finn, Project Manager, FKG Group, December 2016

Thank you for the support you have provided our projects. The TITAN system is a simple and cost effective method for our temporary site hoarding.

It is simple to install and has no impact on existing services which makes it a great solution on all of our projects.

Michael Matthews, Construction Superintendent, ATG Projects, December 2016

I was approached by Lend Lease to use Titan Hoarding systems and it was the best decision I made joining the Titan team. For me it’s peace of mind knowing I am using a product that has been engineered and tested. The staff at TITAN head office are very professional and help out with any enquiry I have. Thanks again TITAN

John Mendoza, Director, BHR Constructions, December 2016

For eighteen months I have searched the world looking for a hoarding system to compliment my already existing business, I wanted a better way to build a hoarding then what was on offer. I was fortunate to find TITAN in my own backyard just brilliant. Being Australian made and having the basics like engineered certifications for impact and wind really answers my client's needs and issues facing the general hoarding industry. I can't believe it is just so simple to build, alter and modify to my clients required needs. I have now have hoardings supported by TITAN on various retail and construction sites and I wanted to let you know my clients are blown away by the engineering certification and the seamless look. It has proved to be a real winner for my clients and my business by complimenting the service I offer.

Thank you very much.

Luke Ralston, Vertical Build, July 2014

Shopfront Hoardings Pty Ltd has been servicing a number of Shopping Centres and Construction Companies in the Perth metro area for the past five years with their hoarding system requirements. As the industry has been going through a major overhaul in regards to WHS regulations and Product certification I needed to find a hoarding system that met all these criteria's. To my relief I found the Titan Hoarding System answered all these criteria's and more. With its seamless appearance and Engineers Certification covering Wind Rated and Impact Test Loading, it's given me and my customers peace of mind that when Titan Hoarding Systems are installed they not only look great but they will also perform to the highest of standards. 

Working with the Titan Hoarding System on a number of jobs has proven to be a very straight forward and easy procedure, compared to the systems we have used in the past. My team have enjoyed the fact that with the system comes the well-illustrated and easy to ready installation manual to reference to, which has made their job a lot faster and easier to perform.

As a company that relies on a 100% success rate for every hoarding we install to stay in business, we know that installing the Titan Hoarding System we will achieve that.Thanks again Greg, to you and your team for designing and manufacturing such a safe, quality product.

My customers are very happy with Titan and so am I.

Greg Payne, Shopfront Hoardings, July 2014

My Name is Greg O Connor, my company is Oriel Building Services and I am a builder working in the commercial construction section in Sydney NSW. For a number of years I have built hoardings the way I was taught (it was always slow and never without some kind of issue )and with OHS site requirements increasing I found myself looking for safer and more efficient ways to build in general. I went looking and found TITAN on line, after watching the video on how the system works I was sold; I thought if it could perform half as good as it looked it would make installing hoardings so easy.

So I took a chance, I rang TITAN, they were so helpful and had answers to my questions. The first installation was dream to install….simple to put together and so much quicker than anything I could build myself; the real prize was the engineering certificate that I was able to provide my client; it was specific to the site and met all the criteria’s.

I have just installed my second and it just gets better; thank you TITAN

Greg O Connor, Oriel Building Services, August 2014

As you know Milleen Constructions has a Critical Project in a Coles Supermarket at Waratah, which we have been utilising the Titan Hoarding System. The Project requires Milleen to Erect and Dismantle approx 60Lm of hoarding periodically and move it around the shop. This needs to be done in a timely fashion, so our work can stay on Program and mesh seamlessly with other Contractors.

The ease of use and speed of the Titan System are its greatest advantage over anything else on the Market. The Titan System has lived up to my expectations, quality of Components and the finished Hoarding from the outside has impressed all parties involved in the Project.

I'm glad we selected your Product, and thanks for your Customer Service in supplying everything required.

Ben Sparkes, Milleen Construction, September 2013